Hi, Ladies!

We are so touched that you chose Peach Blossoms to provide you with your wedding beauty needs. Please make sure that all girls receiving services have read the preparation information below and are aware of what steps to take prior to their service. This will allow the day to run smoothly and our artists to have the best blank canvas to work with.

Please note all people receiving services need to arrive at the start time of the first service, because styling time frames vary by individual. Having the entire party together at the start time of the first service will allow us to move from one styling to the next to ensure that everyone is ready on time and the bride is not rushed. If someone in the party absolutely cannot be there at the start of the first service, please inform us, so that we can provide a specific arrival time for that individual’s service.

Whether you receive hair or makeup services, bringing inspiration photos is a great way to communicate the look you desire. Whether it’s a lip color in one photo, an eye look in another, the front swoop of an updo, or the curl pattern in a down style, each detail you can communicate provides our stylists what they need to create the look you want to achieve.


  • Wash your hair the day of or the night before and blow-dry with mousse. Do not sleep on wet hair or let it air-dry. If you received a blown-dry style for the rehearsal the day before, that is perfect for next day if you prefer to not wash it. Not washing your hair for two to three days is not better.
  • Arriving with wet hair that needs to be blown-dry will be charged a $20 drying fee, even if slightly damp.
  • Please do not flat iron your hair as it makes it harder to re-curl once the hair cuticle has been sleeked down. If you have curly hair, please ask about the best prep for your type of curls.
  • Having your hair cut at least two weeks before the event is ideal. Frizzled ends don’t look pretty curled and won’t hold your style as well.

Bride trial run: All the above tips are great for trial runs as well. Don’t forget to bring your hair accessories such as veil, clips, combs, or flowers that will be added to the style. This really completes the look and guarantees that you will love every detail of your customized style.


  • The night before, be sure to remove all makeup and hydrate your skin (if your lotion contains SPF, it is ok to use). In the morning, complete your normal skin routine. However, if your lotion contains SPF, please skip this step. SPF lotions do not react well with flash photography and will result in your face appearing washed-out in photos. Our artist will apply a moisturizer specific to your skin type during service.
  • Please make sure to complete any waxing services at least three days before the event. Airbrush or powder makeup will not adhere to freshly waxed skin.
  • Be sure to purchase your lip color from our artist or bring your own color with you for touch-ups during your event. (Purchased products need to be mentioned before the event, as not all artists carry items to be purchased.) We look forward to being part of your special day and providing you with the most exceptional beauty services. Thank you for choosing Peach Blossoms Hair & Makeup Artistry.